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Frequently Asked Questions & Cancellation/Refund  Policy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. Do you accept walk-ins? Yes, we do accept walk-ins. However, please be aware that you may have to wait a while to see a doctor or might not be able to see one at all, depending on availability. We recommend to book in advance.

  2. Are doctor consultations free? Yes, doctor consultations are free. However, you will need to book in advance and provide details about your reason for the visit ahead of time.

  3. Do you require a deposit for treatment bookings? Yes, we require a deposit of 1,500 THB (Approx. $40 USD) for treatment bookings.

  4. Why do you require a deposit to make a booking for treatments? We've experienced a significant increase in no-shows and last-minute cancellations from our clientele in recent months, specifically foreigners visiting Thailand. Such absences negatively impact our operations, as they prevent us from serving others who could have benefited from that appointment slot. Therefore, we now require all first-time customers to pay a 1,500 THB deposit for bookings.

  5. Why are your prices higher than some other clinics? We are a long established Medical & Wellness Clinic in Thailand, not a "budget clinic."  We use the best brands, advanced technology, and we have an experienced and qualified staff, including doctors with proper medical degrees. We pride ourselves on providing a 5-star experience and top-quality treatments. If you are seeking the cheapest prices, we are not the right fit for you.

  6. What types of treatments do you offer? We offer a wide range of treatments, including skin care, anti-aging treatments, laser therapy, and more. For a detailed list, please visit our website our home page here.

  7. What payment methods do you accept? We accept various payment methods, including cash, credit/debit cards, and online payments. Please contact us if you have any specific payment concerns.

  8. Do you offer any promotions or discounts? We offer promotions and discounts that regularly vary. Please contact us or follow us on social media for the latest updates and offers.

  9. Are your treatments safe? Yes, all our treatments are safe and performed by experienced professionals using the latest technology and high-quality products.

  10. Can I choose my doctor? Yes, you can request a specific doctor when booking your appointment, subject to their availability.

  11. Is there parking available at your clinic? Yes, we offer ample parking space for our customers.

  12. What languages do your staff speak? Thai and English. Please let us know if you require assistance in another language.

  13. How long will my appointment take? The duration of your appointment will depend on the treatment you are receiving. We can provide an estimated time when you book your appointment.

  14. Do you offer online consultations? Yes, we offer online consultations for certain treatments. Please contact us for more information and to schedule an online consultation.


Cancellation & Refund Policy


Deposits will be refunded to you if you arrive and change your mind, or if you cancel at least 4 days in advance. We kindly ask for your cooperation in notifying us if you are unable to keep your appointment. Please ensure you are committed to attending before scheduling your visit. This policy helps us manage our schedule effectively and accommodate other customers who may benefit from your slot. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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