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How It All Started


The Cosmo Clinic  was founded in 2015 by three Thai female entrepreneurs, Pui, Tuey and Pang. Each of these visionary leaders come from very different career and educational backgrounds, but fate brought them together when they all found themselves working on the same leadership team at a beauty clinic in Bangkok, Thailand.

Their collective drive to launch a new brand stemmed from their dissatisfaction with the sales mentality and beauty industry practices in Thailand which was simply: whoever you are, you are not beautiful enough and you need our help. 

After years of tireless learning, research, and planning, the three women founded The Cosmo ClinicTheir new vision was clear, and their mission was obvious to them. Create a brand that stands for YOU. Whatever you perceive as beautiful is what they help you to achieve. It's not about their agenda, it's about yours. 'The Most Beautiful Woman is You' became the motto and even more, the mission, of The Cosmo Clinic. A body positive mentality that helps people to love who they are and appreciate what they have, regardless of what society and the media tells them. The Cosmo Clinic sales mentality became an industry disrupter; consultants listen to your story and strive to truly understand not only who you are and what you want, but also how you see yourself everyday and why you are unhappy with that image.

Far And Wide

The Cosmo Clinic procurement department has one objective above all others; only buy the best products and equipment. As such, everything at the clinic is sourced according to quality, not price and convenience.