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Collagen Dipeptide Dietary Supplement


Dipeptide, the smallest molecule in the world, absorbs better than all other types of collagen. It is absorbed 10 times better than general Tripeptide Collagen - 50 times better than general Collagen Peptide - Absorbed efficiently without having to rely on "Vitamin C" - Imported from Japan,  Collagen Type 1 , 2 , 3 - skin care of the highest level, reduces wrinkles, softens and moisturizes skin, excellent for bones and joints.




Collagen dipeptide is a patented technology that is produced in Japan. The specific dipeptide molecules Proline-Hydrolyproline (PO) and Hydroxyproline-Glycine OG molecules averaged at 200 Daltons through the clinical testing process that the specific pair of dipeptide is rapidly absorbed, faster than tripe. ptide and faster than collagen peptides. Rapidly, the dipeptide PO and OG are able to directly enter the target cell, also known as Target boosting or direct into cell. and cartilage cells, which means Dipeptides can be absorbed and effectively. 


According to the research, Pro-Hvp and Gly-Hyp paired dipeptide plays an important role in stimulating the generation of fibroblast cells. For the production of collagen and the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, resulting in skin moisture, strength and smoothness. It also reduces dark spots caused by sun damage to fade. After taking collagen peptide 2.5 g daily for 4 weeks - Stimulates the synthesis of collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid of skin cells (dermal fibroblasts) - Increases moisture content and elasticity (elasticity) to the skin, can stimulate the expression of skin moisturizing factors and elasticity factors and metabolic factors - The number of wrinkles at the corners of the eyes of the volunteers decreased after eating. 





Joints are structured according to the type of tissue. The surface of the joints is covered with moist cartilage. It is meant to prevent collision between two bones. When there is pain in the joints, it is the result of the collision of the bones due to the thinning of the thickness of the cartilage. As we get older, it's harder to build the cartilage between the joints and that's why we have joint pain. from the results of scientific studies (Osteoarthritis and Cartilage (2009) found that dipeptide (Pro-Hyp) in collagen dipeptide. It will help prevent the deterioration of cartilage. and thinning of cartilage Inhibits the degeneration of Chondrocytes and stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycans (GAG), which has water-absorbing properties, thus making the tissues able to withstand pressure.



Bone metabolism is caused by the interaction of two cells: one is responsible for breaking down bone called osteoclasts, and the other is responsible for making proteins. (Including collagen) to create new bone parts called Osteoblasts, both of which are required to work. Balanced and consistent at a time is an indicator of bone mass (bone mass) at that time, but at the age of 30-40 years the rate of bone resorption will begin to increase and the rate of bone formation will begin to decline. This can lead to senile osteoporosis, especially in postmenopausal women. (postmenopausal osteoporosis). Eating dipeptide PO and OG will help prevent bone degeneration It works directly on osteoclasts and osteoblasts, that is, P-O catalyzes osteoclasts, and when osteoclasts are overactive, OG orders osteoclasts to stop working, while at the same time PO stimulates osteoclasts. The osteoblasts work to make new pieces of bone. This cyclical interaction allows the bones to have a balanced metabolism. effective and to improve the condition of the bones

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