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Bio Lifting Facial (BLF)

Skin sagging is a natural phenomenon that everyone (to varying degrees) encounters as they grow older. Wrinkles, loss of elasticity and wider pores as well.  Gravity, for all it's benefits (such as keeping us from floating away) is the mortal enemy of tight youthful skin. It causes cheek folds, droopy eyebrows, droopy eye bags, sagging necks and relaxes chin muscles. The goal of our BLF course is to lift and tighten the skin, adjusting the shape of the face to its younger, firmer days. This is the most innovative and effective anti-aging technology available that does not require invasive cutting surgery which leaves scars and has lengthy recovery time. 

Advantages of the program:

Helps to lift the face

• Adjusts and restores the natural V-Shape of the face.

Help reduce wrinkles, cheek grooves and water bags under the eyes


Treatment process:


Make up remover

Gentle facial cleansing while maintaining moisture to the skin.


Eliminating dry skin cells Including the removal of residual dirt around the pores. to peel off gently


Facial massage

18 steps of facial massage to relax the muscles. Increase blood circulation to the facial skin. Makes skin look radiant and youthful 

Galvanic Facial

It pushes anti-aging serum with Galvanic Facial which helps in anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant effect, increasing the firmness and elasticity of the skin. make the skin lift up


Facial RF

RF face lifting will help the muscles to contract and relax. Stimulate more collagen and elastin Makes the skin that used to be sagging tighten up, cheek grooves, bags under the eyes, forehead and more V-Shape.

lift and tighten loose skin treatment bangkok wellness

Collagen Whitening Mask

It is a facial mask for deep rejuvenation of skin cells. Enriched with concentrated nourishment Return the shine to the white skin. Reduce the problem of dullness and dark spots.

The maintenance process with the use of concentrated serum and sunscreen 50 PA++ helps reduce dark spots on the face, add moisture. smooth, white, clear skin

Reflexology  Relax relax!

face lifting bangkok
non surgical face lifting thailand
face lifting non surgical bangkok
liftin skin without surgery bangkok
tight and lift skin no surgery thailand

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