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Nourishing Collagen Plus (NCP)

Innovation in nourishing, strengthening collagen for the skin.


Using machine technology, Electroporation Blue Light gently pushes collagen extract serum into the skin through electrically charged substances in the form of positive and negative ions, allowing the serum to pass through the skin cells. Improves skin elasticity and suppleness. Slows down the aging process. Reveals white, clear skin and looks healthy again.

Advantages of the program:

• Increase the production of collagen to make skin cells stronger.

• Slows down aging.

• Increases whiteness and skin looks healthy.

• Increases the elasticity of the skin.

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Treatment process:


Make up remover

Gentle facial cleansing while maintaining moisture to the skin.


Eliminating dry skin cells Including the removal of residual dirt around the pores. to peel off gently


Facial massage

18 steps of facial massage to relax the muscles. Increase blood circulation to the facial skin. Makes skin look radiant and youthful 


Electroporation Blue Light

Pushing collagen extract serum into the skin with machine technology Electroporation Blue to help increase collagen production, making skin cells stronger.

Collagen Stem Cell Whitening Mask

Facial mask for deep skin cell regeneration. Enriched with concentrated nourishment Antioxidants slow down premature aging. Facial skin is moisturized and looks whiter and brighter.

The maintenance process with the use of concentrated serum and sunscreen 50 PA++ helps reduce dark spots on the face, add moisture. smooth skin radiant news

Reflexology  Relax relax!

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