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Firming Body Wrap (FBW)

Achieve a beautifully contoured and firm figure with our special cold gel wrap treatment. The process involves soaking a cloth in cold gel and wrapping it around the desired areas for reduction, such as the abdomen, thighs, arms, and hips, for 30 minutes. This cooling wrap not only slightly lowers body temperature but also helps in reducing both weight and measurements in inches, resulting in a more defined and tightened silhouette once the wrap is removed. The effectiveness of this treatment persists even as the intensity of the cold gel diminishes. This is a non-exercise, non-dieting treatment that also prevents easy weight regain, additionally, it tightens sagging skin, making it firmer and more toned.

body wrap in bangkok for firming slimming

Program Benefits:

  • Sculpt and tighten your figure to achieve beautiful contours.

  • No wounds from the treatment, allowing for simultaneous other treatments.

  • Helps eliminate stubborn fat not addressable by exercise or dieting alone, enhancing skin firmness and density for a more sculpted appearance.

This innovative treatment stands out by offering a non-invasive alternative to sculpt and firm the body without the need for rigorous exercise or strict dieting, all while enhancing the skin's texture and tightness.

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