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Cryo Lipolysis Program (CLP)

Cryo Lipolysis (cool sculpting) is the breakdown of fat, by cold. This is a perfect option for customers who are afraid of surgery, liposuction with Vaser or afraid of anaesthesia. Cryo Lipolysis functions under the skin layer and into the fat layer without damaging the cells or other tissues. When fat cells reach the freezing point, the immediately begin to break down and then the body can naturally dispose of them.

Benefits of this course:


•  No pain or bruising, as with liposuction

•  Tighten and smooth skin without the wavy skin problem after treatment.

•  Breaks down deep fat layers without damaging the tissue around the skin layer

•  After the procedure, the fat cells will disappear with the surrounding tissue still intact.


slimming fat treatment melt cellulite

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