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Skin Rehydration Program (SRP)

Innovation to add moisture to the skin.

With the Derma Shock Skincool machine, we gently push a hyaluronic acid and aloe vera serum deep into the skin cells. This helps to create collagen and elastin which increases skin elasticity. It makes skin cells stronger and protects against irritation from external pollution which makes the skin whiter and younger looking.

Advantages of the program:

•  Add moisture, rehydrates the skin.

•  Increases flexibility.

•  Slows down aging

•  Increases the creation of collagen in the skin.

•  Prevents irritation from external pollution.

If there is a problem with blemishes, freckles, dark spots, fade away.

Treatment process:


Make up remover

Gentle facial cleansing while maintaining moisture to the skin.


Eliminating dry skin cells Including the removal of residual dirt around the pores. to peel off gently


Facial massage

18 steps of facial massage to relax the muscles. Increase blood circulation to the facial skin. Makes skin look radiant and youthful 

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