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Natural Balance & Relaxing (NBR)


Facial massages are beneficial to the skin in many ways:


1)  They stimulate the expiration of dead epidermal cells to fall off ,and when the old skin cells are removed, new skin cells emerge stronger.


2) They stimulate blood circulation, providing more nutrients and oxygen to nourish the skin cells.

3) Provides relaxation using the "science of massage" as well as nourishing with vitamins, using our state-of-the-art Cryo Cooling machine

Skin treatment machine

Advantages of the program 


• Adds moisture to the face.

• Slows down the aging process of facial skin

• Stimulates blood circulation on the face

• Makes skin look brighter and younger

• Relaxes facial muscles

Treatment process


Make up remover

Gentle facial cleansing while maintaining moisture to the skin.


Eliminating dry skin cells Including the removal of residual dirt around the pores. to peel off gently


To be able to clean the face thoroughly, open pores, help reduce acne problems on the face.

36 steps of relaxing massage that stimulates blood circulation. Gives a feeling of relaxation and comfort

Oxygen Jet

It is feeding the skin with the Oxygen Jet machine, making the skin moist, bright, looking healthy and radiant, able to better absorb vitamins and nourishing creams.


Cryo Cooling

It pushes Collagen Hyaluronic Acid with the Cryo Cooling machine to help add moisture to the skin. slow down the aging process, making the skin look younger 

Apple Whitening Stem Cell Mask

Apple's stem cell extraction mask helps shed old skin cells to create new skin to be stronger. Increase moisture, reduce dullness, whiten and brighten skin.

Nourishing step with concentrated serum and sunscreen 50 PA++ 

Reflexology  Relax relax

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