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Renew Dermadeep Factor (RDF)

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Innovation for treating acne holes and scars Smooth facial skin with the auto stamp to stimulate the formation of new tissues to fill the skin. Results of the acne scars will be shallow, noticeable after only 2-3 times treatments.  The principle of treatment of Auto stamp   is to use a needle to stimulate the skin to produce collagen by pressing the needle into the fat layer and cause wounds to stimulate skin repair and create collagen. The needle used should be 1.5 mm or more in length to stamp on the clogged pimple. This treatment will help cure acne as well.

skin acne wrinkle treatment

Advantages of the program

• Helps treat acne holes and scars. Smooths the skin.

• Helps stimulate collagen production and make pores tighten.

• Helps whiten skin and reduce small wrinkles. Makes the face look younger.

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