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Skin Whitening & Balance


Melasma, freckles, and black marks are often exacerbated or even caused by UV rays that damage the facial skin. make melanin pigment darker until uneven skin tone Because melanin pigments are responsible for filtering UV rays when the skin gets more sunlight. 

Advantages of the program:

•  Help reduce the problem of blemishes, freckles

•  Dark spots  fade

•  Restore whiteness

•  Increase moisture to the skin.

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Treatment process:


Make up remover

Gentle facial cleansing while maintaining moisture to the skin.


Eliminating dry skin cells Including the removal of residual dirt around the pores. to peel off gently

Facial massage procedures 


Facial massage

18 steps to relax your muscles Increase blood circulation to the facial skin. Makes skin look radiant and youthful 

Meso Injection 

It is pushing white and clear vitamins with a Meso Injection machine with Vitamin C serum & Arbutin to help fight free radicals. Protect from UV light, reduce freckles, dark spots and reduce melanin pigmentation. Make your skin look whiter and brighter.

Extra Bio Light

Treatment using Light Therapy  Yellow Light (yellow light) helps treat dark spots, freckles, blemishes, dark pigments to fade naturally and stimulates the lymphatic system, including the circulatory system.

Collagen Whitening Mask

It is a facial mask for deep skin cell regeneration. Enriched with concentrated nourishment Return the shine to the white skin. Reduce the problem of dullness and dark spots.

Reflexology  Relax relax!

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