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NEO Skin Laser (NSL)

NSL uses a Fractional CO2 laser that works by emitting light waves in the range of 10,600 nm to penetrate the skin as precision focused beams (points) of light. Thousands of points of light per square centimeter are emitted with the scanner system, resulting in pinpoint accuracy at the selected area. During this treatment, there is no intense pain when the light touches the skin. The light is converted into heat energy and old cells begin to breakdown which will shed (naturally fall off) within 1 - 2 weeks at which point new skin cells will be created.

Course benefits:

•  Smoother and softer skin
•  Clearer skin
•  Dark spots fade away, redness reduced
•  Tightened pores
•  Scars and acne holes are more shallow
•  Wrinkles fade
•  The face looks younger 
•  Overall skin health is improved

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