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Cosmo Acne Clear (CAC)


Acne is generally caused by clogging of the pores. How do pores get clogged? Simply explained, when skin cells die they will typically fall off and then new skin cells are created. But very often, some will remain in our pores and our body produces oil to compensate and prevent the skin from drying out. Dead skin cells plus new oil build-up in our pores will create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.  Now, filled with sebum, dead skin cells, and bacteria, inflammation is inevitable. Deep-seated acne produces cysts and nodules. Remember, dead skin cells, oils, and bacteria are the building blocks of acne.

Treatment Process:


Make up remover

Gentle facial cleansing while maintaining moisture to the skin.



To be able to thoroughly clean the face, open the pores, make it completely clean. Thereby reducing the problem of acne on the face.


Detox Jet Peel

It is the exfoliation of skin cells to peel off by using high pressure water pressure. With the properties of minerals and mineral salts in the right amount. Combined with the pressure, it causes the skin to exfoliate. without using a needle

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Cosmo Acne Clear 

Pressing the pimples will make the clogged pimples come out. (Blackheads) and pressing the acne out properly will make clogged acne disappear faster. This will reduce the chance of inflamed acne making the skin smoother faster.


Salicylic Acid

Push to kill acne with Salicylic Acid with a machine.


Help reduce inflammation of acne, reduce dark spots, make acne dry faster.


Extra Bio Light

Treatment using Light Therapy using Blue Light (Blue Light), Red Light (Red Light (and Yellow Light) (yellow light) helps in reducing the activity of the sebaceous glands and eliminating the original P acne bacteria. of acne


Acne Mask

Volcanic clay mask helps reduce bacteria that cause acne inflammation. causing inflamed acne to collapse faster Tighten pores, make facial skin smooth, reduce oiliness of the skin. Help prevent acne.

The maintenance process with the use of concentrated serum and sunscreen 50 PA++ helps reduce dark spots on the face, add moisture. smooth, white, clear skin

Reflexology  Relax Relax

We also treat acne on the back.

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