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Skin Anti-wrinkle Program (SAP)

Innovation to reduce facial wrinkles and look younger.


Using machine technology, Electroporation Blue Light delivers essential nutrients to the skin and makes your skin brighter and healthier in a very short period of time. The nutrients are gently pushed down into the skin through electrically charged substances in the form of +/- positive and negative ions. Vitamins are passed through and in-between the skin cells. This prevents the formation of free radicals, reduces wrinkles, stimulate the creation of elastin and increases flexibility.  The results are whiter and clearer skin which looks younger and healthier.

Advantages of the program:

• Stimulates the creation of elastin which increases skin elasticity

• Prevents the formation of free radicals

• Reduce wrinkles.

• Results: white, clear and healthy skin.

reduce wrinkles

Treatment process:

Make up remover

Gentle facial cleansing while maintaining moisture to the skin.

Facial massage

18 steps of facial massage to relax the muscles. Increase blood circulation to the facial skin. Makes skin look radiant and youthful 


Electroporation Blue Light

It is a method of delivering essential nutrients to the skin, pushing it into the skin cells through electrically charged substances in the form of + and negative ions - reducing wrinkles and stimulating elastin production. increase flexibility The skin is white, clear and looks healthy.


Apple Whitening Stem Cell Mask

Apple's stem cell extraction mask helps shed old skin cells to create new skin to be stronger. Increase moisture, reduce dullness, whiten and brighten skin.

Nourishing step with concentrated serum and sunscreen 50 PA++ 

Reflexology  Relax relax!

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