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Miracle Fraxel Deep (MFD)

Course Details:


• Treats many types of acne scars, including shallow, deep, wide and narrow. The laser beam can be adjusted to many levels, making the treatment much more effective than traditional laser treatments.

• After doing it, you do not need to recuperate for a long time. After finishing, your face will be slightly reddish for only 1 - 2 hours, then it will return to normal. In only a few cases, the redness has lasted up to two days.

It can be used to treat acne scars on all skin types and colors.

Innovation Fraxel is a laser in the Fractional Laser group, which works by piercing small holes under your skin, making the pores more detailed. Stronger skin regeneration is occurs by the formation of collagen fibers about 1,500 microns deep. The light that passes through the skin layer by layer is allowed to penetrate the fascia caused by the disorganized skin arrangement around the old scar and then help restructure and create an orderly arrangement of newly formed collagen fibers as well as shedding skin cells and distributing skin pigments more evenly.

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