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NAD+ IV Drip Therapy Bangkok

What is NAD+ ?

NAD+, short for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, is a vital compound present in all living cells and derived from Vitamin B. This naturally occurring coenzyme plays a crucial role in promoting cell regeneration, energy conversion, DNA repair, and overall cell health. Elevating NAD+ levels through therapy can effectively slow down the aging process, combat age-related diseases, and serve as the foundation for optimal bodily function, vital for the brain, internal organs, and neurological systems to function efficiently. In essence, NAD+ is indispensable for our survival.

NAD+ IV Drip Therapy Bangkok

What is the role of NAD+?


NAD+ plays an important role in converting the food we consume into cellular energy that is important for our healthy functioning. This includes several functions such as increasing the efficiency of energy metabolism. Supports the DNA repair process, protecting cells from damage. Supports good functioning of the brain and cardiovascular system and reduces inflammation - overall they are responsible for maintaining DNA health and, as a result, keeping you healthy for longer.

Here is a breakdown of its functions:

  • Energy production: NAD+ acts as an electron transporter. Helps cells convert food into energy.

  • DNA repair: A continuous supply of NAD+ is required for the activation of PARPs, which detect and repair damaged DNA.

  • Gene expression: NAD+ increases the activity of sirtuin genes (often called superhero genes), which enhance energy metabolism. Inflamed drum left Extend the life of cells and prevent disease growth according to efficiency

  • Enzyme activity: NAD+ plays a role in processes such as alcohol metabolism. and the conversion of lactate to pyruvate in the body.

  • Communication between cells: NAD+ is released from smooth muscle. Secondary cells and dowry within the brain to allow communication between cells

NAD+ IV Drip Therapy Bangkok

Why is NAD+ important? Emerging evidence suggests that increasing NAD+ levels through nutritional supplementation may help speed or even reverse the elevation of certain aspects associated with Alzheimer's. It can also slow down the progression of age-related diseases.

Treatment with InfiNADi NAD+ therapy can improve several metabolic errors that are common problems in degenerative processes. including the degeneration of the nervous system that is likely to occur cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and other age-related problems

This is confirmed by published research and expert reviews. and leading journals

InfiNADi NAD+ treatment can greatly benefit essential body functions.

NAD+ weak protection mechanism:

  • Helps increase the length of the phone.

  • Supports DNA repair

  • Support energy production

  • Supports chromosome health

  • Increase neurotransmitter levels

  • Activate sirtuins (super hero Yi genes that play a role in regulating cell death and enhancing cell function)

  • Supports immune cell communication

NAD+ IV Drip Therapy Bangkok

Diseases that can be treated High-dose IV therapy can be beneficial for many different diseases, such as:

  • anti-aging

  • Neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

  • Heart disease and vascular disease

  • Fertility problems of the egg drainage system and problems with the growth of the body

  • Metabolic diseases such as diabetes and obesity

  • Diseases related to the immune system, such as viral infections and failure of the immune system

  • chronic stress

  • Memory problems

  • Autoimmune disease

  • Clinical depression

  • chronic fatigue syndrome

  • substance addiction

NAD+ IV Drip Therapy Bangkok

NAD+ therapy is suitable for people who...

  • Interested in extending your life?

  • Want to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue?

  • Want to restore the functioning of the nervous system

  • I am experiencing problems with brain crawling.

  • Desire to restore muscle strength and function

  • Currently using a rapid weight loss system.

  • Are recovering from addiction and substance abuse.

NAD+'s mechanism for reversing the degeneration process

Dr. David Sinclair is a famous scientist from Harvard University who specializes in anti-aging research. New things have been discovered related to the aging process. He found that when NAD+ levels decrease, the detrimental effects of the aging process accelerate.

Dr. Sinclair revealed the existence of an unusual group of genes called sirtuins, which are sometimes considered to be "Anti-Aging Company Executives" within our cells When activated, sirtuins act as guardians of DNA and regulate cell degeneration processes. However, for sirtuins to work effectively in reactivating protective pathways linked to age-related diseases, such groups of sirtuins need to be used. NAD+

In mood substances, genes linked to age decline can be turned "on" or "off" in relation to age decline like a light switch. When NAD+ levels are plentiful, we can activate these genes to prevent and repair damage to DNA, resulting in long, healthy lifespan for our cells. This will improve our quality of life and our lifespan for a long time.

With InfiNADi's high NAD+ dose, your NAD+ levels are quickly optimized. which will lead to cell activities

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